بسم اللہ الرحمن الرحیم

Tawheed Muhammad Bio Islam Terrorism
The God


Allah’s Identification

Holy Qur’an


Mercy for the Worlds


5o Questions and Answers

What is Islam

Noor e Nabi

Syed Ali Hajveri

Data Ganj Bakhsh

Key Events

Arab’s Social Status

Arab’s Political Status

Arab Tribes

Adnani Tribes

Arab’s Ethics

Arab’s Monotheists

Elephants’ Year

Witness by Scriptures

Purpose of the Advent

Holy Birth

12th of Rabi Al-Awwal


Child Hood

Holy Youth

Building of Ka’bah


The Holy Wives

Prophecy Virtues

Prophet Hood

Preaching 1st Phase

Preaching 2nd Phase

Stalwarts of Islam

Preach 3rd Phase

Persecution to the Prophet S.A.W

Persecution to Sahaba Karam R.A.

Migration to Abyssinia


Tufail bin ‘Amr Ad-Dawsi R.A

Aam ul Huzn

Visit to Tai’f


Prophet’s Intercession

1st Uqbah Covenant

2nd Uqbah Covenant

Migration to Medina

Arrival in Medina

Life in Medina

Masjid e Nabawi


Medina Treaty

Overview of Expeditions

Initial Phase at Medina

Pre Badr Expeditions

Ghazwah Badr

Islamic Rituals 2 A.H

Syedah Fatimah’s Marriage

Post Badr Expeditions

Ghazwah Uhud  

Post Uhud Events

Post Uhud Expeditions

Ghazwah Ahzab

Post Ahzab Events

Post Ahzab Expeditions

Ghazwah e Hudabiyah

Post Hudaibiyah Treaty

Islamic Rituals 6.A.H

Letters to the kings

Ghazwah e Khyber

Post Khyber Events

Post Khyber Expeditions

Umrah 7 A.H

Acceptance of Three Celebrities

Pre Mauta Expeditions

Ghazwah Mauta

Post Mauta Expeditions

Conquest of Mecca

Pardon to Criminals

Some More Stars

Ghazwah e Hunain

Post Hunain Events

Post Hunain Expeditions

Ghazwah e Tabook

Post Tabook Events

Arab Delegations

Non-Arab Delegations

Pre-Fare Well Hajj

The Farewell Hajj

Post Farewell Hajj

Mercy for Mankind

The Demise


Moses A.S

Jesus A.S

Narrow and Wide Gates

Ten Virgins

Muhammad and Christianity

People of the Book






Issuance of Islam

Islam and Terrorism

Islam and Sectarianism

Definition of Jihad

Losses to Mosques

Terrorism and Scriptures

Sharia Law

Humanity and Scriptures





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